Presenting JULIA GHOULIA the indestructible!
She is able to remain unscathed while performing such unthinkable feats as:

Escaping from a straitjacket, padlocked chains, and ropes!
"Mental Flossing" by pulling a balloon through the nose and mouth!
Hammering long, sharp objects into her nose!
Snapping her hands into animal traps!
Extinguishing lit cigarettes onto her tongue!
Snapping her tongue into a mouse trap!
Swallowing and regurgitating razor blades!
Smashing her hand with a soup can!
Swallowing a 3 foot long inflated balloon!
Walking up a ladder of machetes!
Walking on broken glass!
Eating and spinning fire!

...and she is always developing new acts to shock, amaze, and confuse!

Show calendar and other info can be found on JULIA GHOULIA's facebook and twitter.

JULIA GHOULIA is fully insured and available for hire for events of all shapes and sizes.
Email for more info!


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